Wilderness Fitness, And What You Need

The world is your gym. Why are you paying to exercise when you could be doing it in your backyard? The sleek and shiny equipment might be enticing, but they’re incomparable to nature. Don’t you want to be breathing fresh air instead of recycled air conditioned smog? Do you want a change of scenery to get some beauty into your exercise regime?

Whether you’re running around the woods or hiking up a mountain, there’s something different about fitness in nature. Something purer, and loving.

The Right Clothes

Sweatpants and a t-shirt don’t cut it out here. The gym’s atmosphere may not change, but nature’s will. You need to dress appropriately for the weather. If it’s raining, you need to remain warm and dry for as long as possible.

Waterproof clothes will be your best friend. Not a drop will break the seal if you’re dressed from head to toe in waterproofed clothes.

In rain or even snow, staying warm is key. Your body will warm itself up naturally during exercise, but what about before and after that? If your body gets cold, your metabolism slows.

Your muscles will contract and stiffen too. That’s not what you need for exercise. Quick warm ups will help with this problem, but if your body heat starts to sap immediately after you stop it won’t make much difference.

The Right Hydration

Nobody should ever dare exercise without any hydration. Water is the fitness freak’s best friend. It keeps you cool, and it keeps your body functioning.

Exercise without water can end badly. It leads to overheating and dehydration. They can lead to fatigue and dizziness. In the worst of cases, it could cause something life threatening.

Never fear, if you’re smart, you won’t do this. Sometimes though, you won’t be able to carry all the water you need during the exercise. Water can weigh a lot in high volumes. Some exercises will be made impossible by all the extra weight you need to carry.

You need to find water in the field. With a water purification system like GoFreshWater Straw Personal Portable Water Filter, you can use the water sources around you. That means you can gather water if and when you need it. For a long-form exercise like hiking, that’s essential.

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The Right Footwear

If you’re using your feet, you’ve got to protect them. They are what will carry you to the finish line, or the top of the summit. Not all shoes are made equal, however. You need to wear footwear that suits the activity.

For rough and tumble hiking, you need hiking boots. The grip on the boots will make sure you don’t slip or fall in almost all circumstances. They’re sturdy and can take some real abuse, meaning your feet are protected.

Running needs running shoes. Not just any pair of sneakers will do. You need something that will cushion the impact as your foot comes down. They also need to be sized perfectly, so they’re not slipping off or squeezing your feet.

Who needs a gym when you have nature?