What You Should Know If You’re Considering Laser Hair Removal

woman at cosmetics salon, legs laser epilation

It doesn’t feel as if you can go too far online or turn too many pages through a magazine before you are met by at least one advert for laser hair removal, whether it is a special offer or just a testimonial-driven piece about its wondrous effects.  Although we would never want to discourage our readers from investing in this clearly very effective treatment, we do feel that it is our responsibility to present a more even and balanced representation of the treatment.  Therefore, in the following article we have put together a list of what we feel are five essential tips you need to know before arranging laser hair removal by ProSkin.

You Will Need More Than One Session Of Treatment

It is vital that you understand that one session of laser hair removal, even by the foremost practitioner using the best equipment will not completely rid you of hair in unwanted places.  You should be prepared to commit to a number of treatment sessions, spaced out for health and safety reasons over a long period of time.  Consider it a work in progress and a long-term investment rather than an overnight or quick fix.

Always Check The Credentials And Qualifications Of The Practitioner

The high-intensity beams of light lasers used are not particularly dangerous when handled by a professional.  However, in the hands of someone who is not qualified or certified to be using them, it could cause more serious problems than it actually solves.  Never be afraid to check where they studied and where they were trained in using lasers for this purpose and always double check that they are a member of official professional bodies.

Ensure That There Is Emergency Services Available

Before you begin laser hair removal treatment, it is essential to make sure your medical history is assessed by a fully qualified doctor, so they can decide if it is right for you or not.  You also need to ensure that the spa, clinic or practice where the treatment is going to be performed has the relevant emergency services on hand in the event of something going wrong.

Be Aware Of Med-Spa’s Who Employ Doctors As Medical Directors

While in a perfect world every professional and organisation would operate in an above board and honest manner; it is worth remembering that we do not live in a perfect world.  With this in mind when you are looking for a suitable clinic, practice or spa to perform your treatment, thoroughly research the kind of roles the doctors they hire actually fulfil.  There are many med-spas out there for instance, that only hire doctors in the capacity of a Medical Director and often have little to do with overseeing your treatment from start to finish or looking at your health history.  They are often hired to enable the practice to purchase equipment easily.

If You Are Naturally Blonde Or Red Headed, Look Elsewhere

Unfortunately if you are naturally blessed with red or blonde hair, laser light treatment will not be effective on hair of these colours in unwanted places.  This is because of the lack of melanin, the component of the hair follicle’s colouring that the laser targets.