Things We Must Consider When Starting With Professional Training

Consistent physical exercise is one of the most effective ways to ensure good health, mental and corporeal longevity, optimal hormonal balance and a very high level of self-confidence. When you combine all these things, you get something that everyone strives for – a great, healthy body, sustainably better quality of living and a self-image worthy of respect. Undoubtedly, physical training is a serious endeavour which requires understanding of some core principles in order to be done properly.

Check your health and pace yourself

If you’re about to dedicate your time to becoming a better version of yourself, make sure you pay your doctor a visit and run some basic tests – check your lung capacity, heart rate and blood pressure. You need your body to get the “all clear” before putting it under stress. Also, never go too hard too soon, since that will only burn you out and prevent you from progressing.

Remember: it’s a process

No great result ever comes overnight, so don’t expect to see dramatic changes in your figure after a couple of workouts. It’s always good to have clear goals, but make them realistic and be ready to allocate sufficient time to get there. Do not get demoralized if you fail to meet a milestone – just regroup and start again.

Stretch properly

A good warm-up session helps your body prepare for the hard work it’s about to perform and should be a key part of every training. Stretching also helps you cool off properly once you’re done exercising – post workout stretches can enhance recovery, blood flow and overall results. However, be mindful that there are good and bad ways to stretch. Make your routine functional and don’t overdo it. Also, after a hard workout, relaxing massage can be very helpful in releasing muscle pain.

Nutrition and rest

When you’re building muscle and trimming down fat, your body craves high quality fuel to help you perform those demanding exercises. Muscle tissue synthesis requires protein, but it also needs complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats. Go for meat, whole foods, fruit and vegetables. Also, you will need to get sufficient sleep, because that’s when your body recovers the most.

Embrace the iron

Many women are quick to run away from classic strength exercises such as the bench press, barbell squat or deadlift, because they think they’ll get too stocky or bulky from doing them. This is about as far from truth as it gets – just take a look at track and field athletes. They’re gracious, yet powerful; feminine, yet fit; they look equally stunning in gala dresses and uniforms. Building muscle is what makes your legs and behind look good, and the best way to do it is to squat heavy and often.


Physical training brings a host of amazing benefits to those willing to put in the needed hard work and self-discipline. It’s also an exercise in consistency, principle and motivation, leading to creation of powerful habits that will serve your body and mind for decades. Whether you’re starting casual or professional training, set clear goals, focus and persevere.