Running A Marathon? 3 Essentials You Can’t Do Without

Whether it’s a New Years resolution or a goal you’ve been working towards for years, running a marathon is an incredible undertaking. Make sure you have everything you need to ensure success.

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  • Time

 OK, so it sounds obvious but fitness, good health and stamina are key to running a marathon. You need to make sure you have time in your life to train and look after your body. You will need to set aside a couple of hours a day in the run up to the marathon, practicing longer runs and maintaining your fitness. This isn’t a charity 10k; the time commitments here are astronomical and cutting corners now could have a real impact on your performance on marathon day.

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  • Footwear

 You are going to be spending hours a week training; it is essential that you invest in the correct footwear. If you are undertaking some of your training in the gym and on different terrains, consider investing in a couple of pairs of running shoes. This gives you the option to keep a clean, indoor pair for the gym and another at home for muddy runs and wet days. In fact, it is often worth having a couple of pairs of ‘non-gym’ trainers. This gives you more flexibility and means that, if you find yourself running in the rain in the morning, you won’t have to put damp shoes on to go running in the evening. Make sure all your running shoes fit properly and offer the right level of support for whatever terrain you intend to use them on. Optional extras like waterproofing, shock absorbance and high visibility can also be well worth the investment. Check out this review for some of the best waterproof running shoes for women.

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  • Technology

 If you are prone to getting lost, or will be running in large spaces, invest in a GPS tracking system or download one to your phone. You may not think you need it, but these gadgets are great for keeping you on track and preventing you from getting lost in the wilderness.

 If listening to music is your way of tackling the wall, invest in some running headphones. There are a variety of designs out there that can withstand the movement of your stride without coming out. It may take you awhile to work out whether you prefer an over the head strap or ones that clip around your ears. For many runners, it depends on the route and the weather, getting a couple of designs gives you the option to chose on the day.

 There are a number of apps for smartphones now that can really aid your training, some even come with an established training programme already loaded. It is always worth getting a professional trainer to devise a personalised training programme, however, these apps can be a great starting point in the early days. They also offer you the ability to plot routes, track pace and monitor your improvements. Helping you to see just how far you’ve come – and how far there is left to go!