POS and Management Software for Gyms


Running a gym is no easy task, but you are providing a service that will be enjoyed by many people. There is more to running any business than simply turning up and getting on with it, and there are some aspects that take up more time than you wish they would. Sales and marketing is one of these, and you need to be clued up to make sure you have everything in place. The modern business world – including that of gyms – is far removed from even just a couple of decades ago. Of course, the internet and wireless technology has changed the way we work, and that can be to our benefit or our detriment, whichever way we treat it.

For example: does your gym take credit and debit card payments? This is a vital question, as we are approaching the point where it is said that card spending will exceed cash. This is for one very good reason: convenience. It is quicker – both for you and the customer – to pay by card, and this is why credit card readers are ubiquitous in gyms and all other types of business. In fact, if you are not taking card payments, you are certainly losing out on potential additional business.

Management Software

You and your customers both lead busy lives, and if you have effective management software for your gym, you may be able to streamline the experience for all involved. Talk to Merchant Account Solutions – the leading name in POS and card payment solutions and management solutions for a wide range of businesses – and they will tell you all about RhinoFit, their impressive gym management software solution for gyms of all sizes. It’s a very versatile tool, and one that will help you keep track of attendances, payments, accounts and much more, and it is easy to use and will make your life a lot easy for a surprisingly affordable price.

Merchant Account Solutions

We already mentioned MerchantAccountSolutions.com, and you really need to talk to the to get up to speed with taking card payments, and to help with your modern point of sale solutions and more. The expert team will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have, and they will be able to guide you in the direction of the best solutions of your particular needs, whether you are a gym owner or otherwise. They have been in the business for many years, and can help you with everything you need to know to bring your business into the 21st century.

There is some research that says that, in a retail environment, people will spend as much as 20% more when paying by card; quite why this is cannot be said, but it has been borne to be true by plenty evidence. What we’re saying is this: get up to speed with card payments, or you are losing put on business that could be yours.