Madform Rugby Trainer Review

I was recently approached by a company called Madform (who sells specialist sports creams) to review and give my unbiased opinion on their products. I decided to take up the opportunity given that one of their main products induces muscle warming effects, and as a rugby coach in the middle of winter the product sounded very appealing.
I gladly accepted a number of sample sized creams including;

  • Warm-up gel – A pre training cream which encourages blood flow to your muscles, meaning better performance in a shorter period.
  • Recovery formula – A cream to ease stiffness and DOMS after hard training, particularly useful when you consider how long it can take to fully recover from muscle aching.
  • Double strength – A cream for sports injuries, pulled muscles and severe stiffness.

Players of mine that suffer from chronic backache and various other joint stiffness, in whom I often observe a significant decline in stamina towards the end of training sessions, tested the effects Madform’s warm up cream and reported a noticeable difference. The concept and process behind this product is vasodilation, caused by the product relaxing the blood vessels, and allowing the athletes’ muscles to get rid of carbon dioxide quicker, as well as take on oxygen at a higher rate.
The improvement was clear on the frosty Sunday morning we tested the product.

Also trialled was the Recovery cream, enabling the competitors to avert swelling and bruising from impacts during the game. Effective vasoconstrictors and vasodilators are normally difficult to find at all, so I was surprised to find that Madfrom supply them so affordably.

I used this product personally after a hard training session at the gym, chest days are one of the more noticeable in terms of delayed onset muscle soreness as we use our upper bodies in almost any activity.
Upon first application of the strange smelling cream, the formula was instantly soothing on my tense, tight chest. Especially when applied with medium to strong force the relief was very striking and the product clearly absorbs extremely well through the skin.

The ‘double strength’ for sports injuries I have yet to try out in the field, however in the sport of rugby I doubt that I will have to wait long before a pulled hamstring comes along. Although going of the performance of the other two products, I’m expecting great things.

Overall, the Madform products have done exactly what they have said on the tin. I usually expect similar products to be a marketing fad, hyped up with sudo science. However it seems that madform have paid real attention to the ingredients and physiological benefits behind them.

I’m now considering buying a full supply for the team on big match days.