Keeping Fit Has Never Been so Fashionable: Workout Fashion Tips

Keeping fit was once something the majority of women dreaded, but it seems to have gotten a lot more fashionable lately. This is because people have started to realise that ‘skinny’ and not eating is out, and fit is in! It’s never been more fashionable to be fit, so it only makes sense that you should want to look great as you do it. Here are some workout fashion tips for the style conscious:


Treat Yourself to Some Cool Treads and Threads

Gym clothes aren’t boring any more. They’re a far cry from the plain t-shirt and baggy joggers of yesteryear. You can find lots of different kinds of gym clothes, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your own personal style. Leggings with patterns on are popular, but make sure they are made for the gym otherwise they won’t lift sweat away from your body. Trainers are getting better than ever too, with a style to suit every type of training and multiple colours available. My favourite brands are Nike, Adidas, and Forever 21’s Active range.

Don’t Neglect the Sports Bra

A lot of women buy nice gym clothes, but neglect to buy a sports bra because they don’t see it as a necessity. You can’t expect to exercise and get the support you need in your normal bra – you’ll be messing around with the straps the whole time and trying to stop your boobs from hitting you in the face. A sports bra will keep those puppies under control, so you can exercise freely.

Practice Hairstyles to Avoid Sweaty Hair

Don’t try to do what fitness models do and have your hair down. It’ll be very hot and sweaty, and you’ll instantly regret it. You can still have your hair in great hairstyles, you’ll just need to practice a little to get them right. The french plait is a great option, especially if you can do it at the front of your hair. If not, a sleek ponytail looks just as chic.

Wear a Minimal Amount of Makeup

You don’t have to go to the gym looking like a zombie, so if you want to wear a little bit of makeup then do so. I suggest a spot of concealer, mascara, lipgloss, and eyebrow pencil. This will make you look alive enough to show your face, without looking like you’re just there to pout and look pretty!

Use Unique Looking Workout Equipment

You don’t have to work out in a gym, you can workout outside too. If you do plan on working out outside, make sure you have unique looking equipment to accompany you. Activity trackers can be worn on the wrist to tell you in depth information about your workout, while equipment like Shinola bicycles will look cool while keeping you in great shape.

Now you can keep fit without looking like a red, sweaty mess. I find that great workout clothes and equipment keep me motivated and raring to do my workout. Have fun!