Important Cycling Accessories All Newbies Should Invest In

One of the best things about cycling as a hobby or as part of your fitness regime is that although you do have to spend a little to get involved, it is something that anyone can do.  After you’ve learned how to ride a bike, the open road, trails and anywhere else where bikes are allowed are yours to explore.  While you may assume that you only really need a reasonable quality bike to start cycling, there are actually a number of different things you should really invest in before hitting the open road.  To help you suss what you really need, we have put together a brief list of the items we feel are the most necessary when you are just starting.

The Clothing

After spending a couple of hundred quid or more on a bike, you may understandably be reluctant to fork out too much more money straight away.  If you do though, clothing is something that you should overlook, as you need to remember that for at least three thirds of the year, the weather in Britain is not particularly nice.  So you need to make sure you have clothing that will keep you warm and dry, but comfortable during those months, without stifling you too much or affecting your cycling.

Bottle And Cage

One of the least expensive cycling accessories is also one of the most essential and most common as a standard feature with bikes – the water bottle and its storage cage.  Obviously when you are taking part in any physical activity, staying hydrated is very important, so it makes sense with something like cycling where you are on the go for long periods of time without stopping, that you need a bottle full of water and somewhere to store it safely and practically so you can access it whether at the side of the road or on cycling.


Unless you want to take your chances at avoiding ever falling off your bike and suffering serious head injuries or worse; it is wise to invest in a good quality, sturdy helmet.  The most important things you should be looking for in a good helmet is that first and foremost it is EU standards approved and that it has an adjustable cradle, to ensure it fits the size of your head appropriately and that it suitably ventilated and padded for shock absorbency.

Cycling Shoes

Although cycling shoes may feel like one accessory too many, it is worth considering how they can affect your performance in a positive way before you dismiss and avoid purchasing some.  They work very much in the same way ski binding does, and when used in conjunction with clip-less pedals, they enable you to pedal easier.  This is evidently important, regardless of whether you want to cycle competitively or just as a form of exercise; you will always want to be pushing yourself to get the best from your body and the machine and a good pair of cycling shoes help make this a reality.