How To Make Your Amateur Sports Team Feel United


Starting an amateur sports team with friends is one of the most effective and fun ways to encourage greater levels of fitness. Exercise is far more enjoyable when other people are involved. Moreover, the competitive nature of playing matches can have a telling impact on your motivation to get fit too.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing football, basketball or another sport. All group games offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a leisurely and social activity. However, there are a number of factors that must be taken care of before you start to see those rewards. Encouraging the group to feel united should sit top of that agenda.

Here’s everything you need to know.



Don’t Be Controlling

If you started the team, then you’ll want to play a central role. However, it’s equally important not to hog the responsibility. You need the other members just as much as they need you, and do not forget it.

Ultimately, the good of the team should be at the core of your plans. As adults, you are mature enough to discuss important issues. Whether it’s choosing a new kit or arranging travel to matches doesn’t matter. Giving everyone a say will make a vast difference.

After all, we all feel better about a project when we play an active role. Aside from anything else, delegating responsibilities can make life a lot easier for you too.

Embrace Technology

Computers, smartphones and modern gadgets play a vital role in our lives. The sports team should be no different. Not only can they be used for organisation purposes, but they can also help build a better bond between the team.

Launching a website for the team at This can be a great portal of information for the players. Meanwhile, setting up a private message group of Facebook or WhatsApp can be very useful too. After all, great communication is at the heart of any winning team.

Once again, using these facilities is a great way to encourage everyone to participate with the team and have their individual input.



Socialise Together

Training and playing together is great. But building relationships away from the pitch is arguably the best way to cement those relationships. Grab that opportunity with both hands.

Organising an end of season party to celebrate your achievements is ideal. Reward each player for their involvement with trophies. It will immediately boost those positive views towards the team. Visit for more information.

Likewise, arranging team activity days and nights out can be very beneficial to the morale too.

Be Supportive

Above all else, you should support each other as a team. Helping members out through difficult times won’t only benefit the recipient, but it’ll also offer rewards to the whole group.

It could be a case of helping someone back from injury. Or maybe they are having trouble in their personal life. Either way, the support of other players is what makes teammates become best friends.

And a team that feels closer will gain more enjoyment from those activities. What more could you ever want from those leisurely sports?