How to Make Going to the Gym More Appealing

If you don’t find the gym appealing, you’re not alone. Many people wonder how they can get into a consistent routine, but they don’t do anything about it. You’re not going to get into a routine and automatically love the gym just by setting up a membership! Let’s take a look at what you can do to make it more appealing:

Buy Yourself Nice Workout Clothes

When I buy myself nice workout clothes, I can’t wait to wear them. That means I also can’t wait to go work out! I love showing off new workout clothes in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I go to be fit and healthy too, but sports clothing makes going seem so much more appealing. I’ve had to calm down a little now, as I have so many to get though that I’m working on mixing and matching them all! Shopping for sports clothing online is a dangerous addiction!

Spend Time With People Who go to the Gym

Maybe you spend too much time with people who aren’t about going to the gym. If this is the case, they’ll put you off going without you even knowing it! If you start to spend time with people who do like to go to the gym, you’ll find the idea more appealing. It’s a scientific fact!



Follow People You Admire on Instagram and Other Social Profiles

Follow people you admire on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They usually post tips and motivations pictures, which in turn can encourage us to copy them. Don’t let tips and pictures like this de-motivate you and get you down if you’re not yet where you want to be. Instead, use them to encourage you to change your lifestyle and begin to love yourself. It really works! Remember, you should be going to the gym because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself.

Get Into a Routine

Getting into a routine is the key to making the gym more appealing. First, find a form of exercise you enjoy. Then go and do it for 3 weeks. Obviously you’ll need to switch up your routines, and you’ll need 1-2 rest days a week at least. However, once you’ve done it for 3 weeks, you begin to make a habit out of it. Your brain associates it with being ‘the norm’. You’ll actually start to crave going to the gym! It’s crazy, but it works!

Eat Well

When you eat well, you’ll feel like you want to go to the gym to compliment what you’ve eaten. I don’t know about you, but when I eat badly, I don’t think there’s much point in heading to the gym. Don’t confuse eating well with starving yourself either. You can fill up on healthy foods and make lots of progress!

Take Progress Pictures

Progress pictures help you to see how far you’ve come. When you look back at these pictures, you’ll never want to skip a gym session again. Just think of all of the progress you could be making!

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