Fresh Summer Ways to Workout

Summer is literally just around the corner, so it’s time to start putting some extra effort into keeping fit. With the weather much milder and nights being lighter for longer, there are so many fun ways to keep fit outdoors, so you won’t need to spend your evenings cooped up inside a sweaty gym.

Here’s some fun new ideas to help you keep fit this summer:

Outdoor boot camp

outdoor bootcamp

There are so many boot camp activities to choose from throughout the country you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Whether that’s an outdoor circuit class, obstacle course, mud run or even a buggy run designed for new mums. There’s a variety of new outdoor classes being unveiled all the time, so the hard part is finding the right class for you.  If you take a long a few friends to your new work out of choice you’re sure to have double the fun and be more inclined to go again the following week.

Park run

park run

For those of you who want to get fit without spending a penny and need the motivation of a group, the Park Run is ideal. A national event held in a variety of parks across the country, the park run is a Saturday morning fun run for runners of all ability and free of charge. Visit the park run official website to find the nearest Park Run to you and head along on Saturday to see what it’s all about.



With skating and BMXing becoming even more popular than ever thanks to music videos, its cult status has rocketed. Skating and BMXing is a great way to keep fit with friends and gets you outside in the open. It can be done anywhere, as long as you have a skate board or bike and can be a great alternative activity with friends instead of going out for dinner or meeting for drinks.



Why not be a dare devil and take up climbing? The health benefits are proven to improve your muscle strength and with so many beginners’ classes and groups, it’s a sure way to make new friends whilst keeping fit. The novelty of it means you’ll not feel like you’re working out as you’ll be too busy concentrating on what to do next.

Take inspiration from these fun ways to work out and you’ll improve your fitness levels, self-esteem and health in no time.


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