A Simple Guide to Building Muscle

Building muscle might seem complicated to some people, but it’s actually very simple. Both men and women should build muscle if they want to get gorgeous, sculpted bodies. Read on if you want to go into more detail!

Why Should Men Build Muscle?

When men build muscle, they’ll get bigger with more definition. Their bodies will burn fat at a faster rate too, giving them a sculpted physique!

Why Should Women Build Muscle?

Many people are under the misconception that women shouldn’t build muscle because they’ll start looking ‘bulky’. This is definitely not the case! When women build muscle, their bodies get tighter and more compact. They get more definition, but they certainly don’t grow bigger. To get bigger, it takes years of deliberate training and a ton of supplements and maybe even drugs. Don’t be scared of weights!

Avoid Cardio

Too much cardio can eat away at your muscle and hinder your weight training. If you want to keep your body fat down and your cardio system healthy, do a series of sprints instead.

Eat to Support Training

You must eat to support your training if you want muscle. This means eating a pound of protein per bodyweight, and plenty of good fats/carbs. An online calculator like IIFYM can help you work this out. You may also want to use supplements to help you meet your goals. Getting them from an organic shop will be much better for your body.



Work in the Recommended Rep Range

To build muscle, you need to do about 8-10 reps. 4-8 reps is for strength, and 10-15 reps can help with fat burn. However, for muscle building alone, you should go for 8-10 reps. This is for both men and women.

Proper Form

Proper form is essential to building muscle the right way. You don’t want to injure yourself, so always go for form over weight. You’re doing this to improve yourself, not to show off.

Heavy Without Compromising Form

The weights you use should be heavy without compromising your form. Ideally, the last rep will be difficult to complete but not impossible. It should be as heavy as you can manage with good form.

Rest Days

Rest days are essential for building muscle. Your muscles need time to rest so they can repair and you can break them down again. If you don’t, you won’t build muscle and you’ll exhaust yourself. Don’t make the process any harder than it needs to be!


Stretching after a workout, never before, will help your muscles to repair and stop you from stiffening up. It can also help you to take a hot bath with detox salts. If you don’t stretch after lifting heavy, you could wake up with a seriously bad case of DOMS where you can’t move!

Once you’ve spent a good amount of time building muscle, you can strip fat to reveal all of your definition. It can be tough, but it isn’t complicated. Enjoy the journey!

See you again soon!