6 Fat-Busting Exercises That Really Work

The most common question we get asked here at Fitness General is how to lose fat fast. It’s the thing that drives people to exercise. Losing that stubborn belly fat is a tricky business. Even some of the most active individuals struggle to cut those final few inches.

Losing belly fat isn’t just about dropping a waist size, however. It’s also a significant health issue. This area of fat is the most dangerous of all, as it surrounds several major organs. Whether you’re carrying a few extra pounds of fat on your tummy, legs, or bum, we’ve got the answers! It’s not easy, and it takes hard work. But, if you’re up for it, the following exercises really do work.



  1. Burpees – Some personal trainers claim that burpees are the single most effective exercise you can do. You don’t even need the gym or any equipment. As with most of the best exercises, it’s all about using your own body weight. Start in a straight standing position. Put your arms above your head and jump as high as you can. When your feet hit the ground, immediately put your hands down in front of you and jump down into a push up. When you’ve done the push up, jump back to the standing start. Repeat for as long as you can!
  1. Running – It’s a classic, but it’s a classic for a reason. Running burns calories in the three major fat areas: legs, bums, and tums. The muscles in these areas are worked hardest during a run, so it’s a targeted and effective way to burn fat. For best results, try integrating some interval training into your routine. That means short, sharp bursts of speed at your optimum power.
  1. Skipping rope Jumping rope is the exercise of choice for boxers all over the world. It demands an incredible amount of stamina and fitness. More importantly, it works those target areas hard. Your legs and core are engaged for extended periods of time, making it a very efficient exercise.
  1. Dancing – You might not know this, but your Friday night-out may burn more calories than you think! Dancing raises your heart rate, tightens muscles, and improves balance. It’s a great all-round exercise and fantastic at burning fat.
  1. Cycling – Much like running, cycling is one of the best aerobic fitness exercises out there. It targets those large leg muscles and glutes, burning away the fat and defining the muscles. If you’re serious about taking up cycling, visit www.retro2ride.com and kit yourself out with bike gear. Where possible, try to ditch the gym machine and get out onto the real roads. You’ll work harder and get a better workout.
  1. Pilates – Finally, pilates will help you sharpen and define your core muscles. It burns fat to keep your body looking trim and sculpted. Pilates is all about using your own bodyweight as resistance. It’s a truly effective way to burn fat quickly.

Don’t forget to balance these exercises with a healthy diet. Without the right nutrition, you’ll just keep adding to those fat reserves. Good luck, and stay healthy!