5 Signs You May Be Overdoing It

After a really hard year, you may be wondering what on earth life is going to throw at you next. Feeling tired and low at this time of year is perfectly normal. However, if you are worried you are feeling more tired or lower in mood than you should be, it may be time to take a break or speak to your doctor. There are many signs that you have been overdoing it. Some are evident in your body’s reactions. Others are evident by your emotional reaction. Read on to find out if you may be in need of a good rest:

Tired – If you are so tired you cannot stay awake all day, there may be several reasons. If you do not sleep well at night, you will be tired all day. If there are dark circles under your eyes, you may also have some nutritional deficiencies. Try a one-a-day multivitamin for a month to see if things improve here. If you are too tired to function during your day-to-day tasks, see a doctor immediately to check for diabetes and thyroid function. Procrastination is not a symptom of tiredness but one of boredom or stress about a task at hand. If you find yourself putting off tasks, you may be taking on more than you can cope with.

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Skin blemishes – Your skin will tell on you if you are not eating, sleeping or exercising right. It can also warn you of problems going on deep inside your body. Acne during hormone changes is perfectly normal. For women during certain times of the month, acne is common. For men who enjoy a lot of sexual activity, zinc can be drained from the skin and cause acne. Small white cysts that are very difficult to remove from the skin could be evidence of high cholesterol. Boils are often infected follicles or pores. They can occur where you shave. You can read online how to get rid of underarm boils. Stress will increase the toxins in your pores leaving you prone to spots and boils.

Achy joints – If you enjoy exercising, but you are a little stop-start with your commitment to it, you may suffer achy joints each time you exercise. A thorough warm-up and cool-down session each side of your exercise will reduce this dramatically. Aches combined with redness or inflammation may be a sign of arthritis for older people. It can feel like your joints are aching when you have a nasty cold or flu, so check your temperature and drink plenty of fluids. Regular illness is a sign you are doing more than your body can cope with.

Crying – If you are feeling more emotional than usual, and it isn’t anything to do with your monthly cycle, you may be feeling a little burnt out. Before you have a meltdown in the office, take a week’s holiday away from home. If you still feel vulnerable after a good break, speak to your doctor. Depression can cause all of the above symptoms.