5 Secrets Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You


For when you want to get into shape but remain unsure how to approach this challenge, a good personal trainer can help. Their expertise could make the difference between a dramatic improvement in your health and a fitness regime that falters at one of the first hurdles.

However, as you begin working with a trainer, you could have insecurities. What are they thinking as you struggle? Are they judging you for this or that? Here’s an insight into a personal trainer’s mind.

They won’t judge your body or fitness level

Your body might look rather lumpy as you attend that first session with your trainer, but they won’t care. Neither will they keep an eagle eye on your body to try judging the extent to which the training sessions are working.

At the start, they also won’t be harsh about your level of fitness; they will mainly want to check that you are working out safely and effectively, says a fitness trainer writing for POPSUGAR.

They won’t insist on dauntingly high expectations

While your trainer will take account of your expectations, they won’t urge you to increase them to an unrealistic level. If you want your body to be dramatically transformed, they will let you know how often and intensely you need to work to get there.

However, if you believe that you are too time-strapped to prioritise fitness in this way, that would be fine with your trainer. They just won’t tell you that your regime will give you a chiselled physique.

They won’t shame you for your diet outside training

Yes, your trainer will seek to know what you have been eating and drinking when not training. However, they are not going to seriously malign you for occasionally drinking Coca-Cola or tucking into that chocolate cake on offer at the party last weekend.

They are only interested in assessing why you may be falling short of your goals. Be honest with them, but they will want you to feel empowered rather than bad, as made clear by BuzzFeed.

Your results won’t come just from your workouts

No matter how much work you put into those sessions with your trainer, keep in mind that most of your progress will come from what happens between the sessions.

After all, a week has 168 hours, most of which won’t be spent with a trainer. Furthermore, your resting, recovering, sleeping, and nutrition are going to affect your results more than just your workouts would. Hence, your trainer might text you outside sessions to see how you are faring.

The trainer may still help you if you are injured

If you have never previously worked with a trainer, you might think that picking up an injury would rule you out of exercising before you heal. However, it may be possible for your trainer to specify workouts that would enable pain-free exercising perhaps even capable of assisting the healing.

For the above reasons, you can look forward to meeting your personal trainer after signing up with Prestige Boot Camp.