5 Lesser Known Benefits of Swimming

Worried about your weight? Often planned to hit the gym but failed? Try swimming instead of using those heavy weights and machines. It’s an interesting and effective way of shedding all the extra fat. You must have heard about the benefits of swimming? Weight loss, body toning, and stimulating height growth are just a few. But some of the lesser known benefits of swimming will surely make you endorse the sport as well.

  1. Longer Life for Cancer Patients

The American Cancer Society suggests that a cancer patient should ideally exercise for at least 30 minutes. The type of exercise they choose may range from passable to operose. The excessively strong medication weakens the body muscles of the patients. Swimming helps to strength the weakened muscles. Swimming has been proven to be exceptionally beneficial to breast cancer survivors. It reduces the chances of relapse of cancer.

  1. Helps Healing Joint Pains and Arthritis

People suffering from joint pains and muscle fatigue are advised to go for zero-impact exercises such as swimming. The buoyancy in water helps to support the body weight. As a result there is less strain on the muscles. Tendons and muscles develop strength and flexibility. Instead of a concentrated workout on any one or few body parts, swimming involves movement of almost all the joints of the body, thereby relieving of joint aches.

  1. Pregnancy and Menopause

Pregnant women are advised to exercise, preferably swimming. The buoyancy in water reduces pressure on the spine and limb and helps in strengthening muscles especially the abdominal and shoulder muscles. Melpomene Institute For Womens in Minneapolis has confirmed in a study that women who undertook swimming sessions during pregnancy were less prone to miscarriages and other related complications. Swimming is also an efficient way of maintaining weight during menopause as the body of most of the women begins to bloat up during that stage. Apart from maintaining weight, swimming also helps in controlling the post-menopausal mood swings, it being a mood-buster sport.

  1. Improves Mental Health

Swimming has got more to it than just being an exercise sport. It’s a recreational sport, it’s a fitness therapy. It bequeaths positive energy and a sense of freedom.  In a study conducted by the University of Valencia, Spain in 2010, it was proven that swimming improves mental health. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise helps in combating depression and anxiety. Thus, swimming acts as the catalyst exercise. A toned body, happy mind and positivity increase self-confidence. A person high on self-confidence keeps depression and gloom at bay. One must not just exercise right, but also look right in order to feel the same. Wearing the right swimwear too gives a confidence boost when you’re out there in swimming pool. To unveil the little secret to finding your perfect swimwear, check out proswimwear.co.uk for latest collections.

  1. Improves Cardio-Vascular Conditions

Swimming improves flexibility and reflexes, which helps to improve blood circulation in the body. It aids in washing down even the slightest of traces of cholesterol from the veins. In a 30 minute swimming session, an average person burns around 300 calories i.e. around 10 calories a minute. All these calories are sourced from the malefic and pestiferous cholesterol in the body. While in a weight lifting, a person only burns around 100 calories. The more calories one loses, the lesser cholesterol exists in their system. This further recuperates cardiac health through better stamina and improved breathing.

Swimming doesn’t discriminate. An anonymous author once wrote “The water doesn’t know how old you are”, which hints to the fact that swimming is one exercise which people of all age can enjoy. One cannot measure the depth of the ocean by seeing it; he needs to dive into it. So, to feel the benefits start swimming today.