5 Easy Steps To Getting Back On Your Feet After Injury

For an athlete or any active person, dealing with an injury is incredibly frustrating. Your team carries on without you while you sit on the sidelines. There’s a big hole in your routine without the after-work gym session. You’re lost without your morning run or yoga workout! Whatever your exercise of choice, sitting out with an injury is difficult to accept. Of course, we all know it’s the best way to aid recovery. So, how exactly do you get back on your feet fast?


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  1. Trust your doctor’s advice

The trouble with very active people is that we get agitated quickly. We’re restless and we think we know our own bodies. Unfortunately, by nature, we love to push ourselves. We’ll power through a pulled muscle and run through the pain. That’s why you can’t trust your own judgement! Trust us, we’ve been there and made things much worse for ourselves. Listen to your doctor; they’re almost always right. Take their advice and sit out the recommended rest period. You’ll come back stronger for it.

  1. Find other activities to stimulate you

As we said, we active people are restless. We can’t sit still and watch daytime TV while others are out there! Instead, find another way to satisfy your urges and keep active. If you’ve got a leg injury, there’s nothing to stop you working on your upper strength. Bring some weights into the home or find another way to fill the hole.

  1. Follow the right diet

Just because you’re stuck to the sofa, doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want! A healthy, balanced diet will help you get back on your feet quickly. Foods that are full of protein will encourage the quick growth of muscles. Calcium will stimulate your bone strength, and vegetables are great for all-round recovery. Keep your diet healthy and you’ll jump back into exercise when the time is right.

  1. Physical therapy

For more complex injuries and pains, it might be worth visiting a physical therapist. They’ll introduce you to natural courses of pain relief and begin to rework your muscles. Physical therapy involves lots of stretching before reintroducing active workouts to the body. You’ll take part in gentle aerobic exercises like swimming and walking. When your muscles are sufficiently strong enough, your therapist will introduce more challenges. A good physical therapy course will speed up your recovery in a big way.

  1. Ease back in

As your recovery period comes to an end, you can start to get back into your preferred sport. Just remember, you’re coming out of a long period of inactivity. Don’t expect to jump back in and keep up with our old records. If you’re a runner, slow down your pace for the first few runs. Gym-lovers, lower the weights and build back up to your old targets. It won’t take long to get back to full strength.

Finally, stop as soon as you start to feel pain or discomfort. You could add another month to that recovery time if you don’t! Follow the advice here and you’ll be back in the game in no time. Good luck!