How Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking



Quitting smoking is never easy, no matter what you might hear or read. This is especially so if you have been smoking regularly for a long time. If you stop suddenly, you will certainly crave a cigarette, and it’s all too easy to succumb to temptation. Even if you try to cut down gradually you will find it hard, so what can you do to make things easier? You could switch to vaping, which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways of coming off the real thing. It also saves you money, and is perfectly healthy, too.

So, what’s the difference between vaping and smoking? While a traditional cigarette is rich in nicotine – and proven to be harmful to one’s health – an e-cigarette only uses a very small amount of nicotine, and does not produce smoke. Instead, it releases a vapour – caused by the heating of special e-liquid – which replicates the effect and taste of a cigarette. It is non-addictive, and proven to be safe. That means it’s safe for those who are with you, too, as it does not carry with it the passive smoking hazard.

Why Vaping is Popular

Since the smoking ban, which prevents smoking in public buildings and workplaces across the UK, smoking has become less socially acceptable, and vaping is the more acceptable and sociable method of enjoying a smoke. While it is not permitted in certain places, the ban does not apply to e-cigarettes in general, so is less frowned-upon.  It will also save you money in the long run. You can buy a full vaping kit, including your e-cigarette and E Liquid plus flavours and other accessories, from many places online, and you will find you soon recoup the small initial lay when you save on your daily packets of cigarettes.

As you can use flavours in your e-cigarette you are free to try new tastes, and you will get the traditional kick that comes with your tobacco and nicotine thanks to the use of a special combination of ingredients. These are designed to be mixed in different ratios for a change in strength, so you can even replicate that with your e-cigarette vaping package. It’s worth checking out the Mist E-liquid website, as they have a great selection of kits and accessories at excellent prices.

Cut Down Gradually

You will also find that vaping makes it easier to cut down on your smoking, as while it will replicate the taste of cigarette, it will not keep you hooked. Furthermore, if you do wish to carry on smoking, it is the safe way to do it, so you are free to do so.  If you want to try quitting, simply use a weaker solution in your e-cigarette, and smoke less often. It’s the best way forward, and one that will help you cut down or cut out.

Have a look at the Mist website now for more information on vaping and the equipment you need, and start your journey on the way to quitting.

Are Supplements Safe?

It goes beyond doubt that supplementation is something that can take your training or weight-loss efforts to a next level. After all, no one is even trying to dispute their effectiveness. What they do argue, however, is how safe they are in general. Now this is a controversial issue at very least. First of all, speaking about supplements is a quite broad topic since there are so many different kinds. Sure, it would be absurd to say they are all safe, same as it would be ridiculous to call them all dangerous. Still, this raises more questions than it answers. So, in order to make this matter as clear as possible, we are going to discuss both situations when supplements are safe and when they are not.

What Are Dietary Supplements

There are many definitions of what exactly dietary supplements are, however, what we are interested the most in is how they are defined in the eyes of the law. According to The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act from 1994, they are meant to supplement the diet, contain ingredients like vitamins and amino acids, and are intended to be orally ingested. In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration regulated that they are produced at a certain quality level, as well as that they do not contain contaminants. Furthermore, this act guarantees that labeling them inaccurately becomes a criminal act.

Sports Supplements

Now, while dietary supplements are mostly used by pregnant and nursing women, strict vegetarians and people with food allergies, sports supplements have a different function. They are intended to enhance one’s athletic performance and can most commonly be found in form of pills, powders and formulas. Some of the most basic ones are those containing calcium and vitamins, but there are many different supplements that are most widely used. A perfect example of this is Ehp Labs Oxyshred, which is meant to limit calorie absorption by your body, enhance your mood, boost immunity and destroy the most persistent fat cells.

What to Watch Out For

The fact that we so far talked about the most commonly used supplements doesn’t mean that they are all regarded as safe. When it comes to bodybuilding supplements, there are many training enhancers that are considered to fall under a grey area. Such is the case with ephedrine, which helps regenerate muscles and burn fat. The reason for this supplement not being safe is a fact that it can counteract insulin, making it very dangerous for a long-term use. Vanadyl is another example, mostly because of its high toxicity levels. While both of these supplements are great for your athletic endeavors, the bottom line is that they are never worth it.

Natural Doesn’t Mean Safe

Next thing you need to know about supplements is that natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe. Most people, when purchasing products (not only supplements), usually look at the label in search for phrases like 100% organic or natural. However, this doesn’t mean that the supplement you are using is good for you or completely harmless for your health. Your body is a complex mechanism and there is no telling what may upset it. Sometimes, a synthetic supplement will be much better for your overall health than a natural product.


No matter how hard you want to gain muscle mass or gain weight, compromising your own health and safety is never worth it. First of all, there are so many completely hazardless supplements you haven’t even tried out yet, which makes the idea of resorting to blacklisted enhancers completely unnecessary. Remember, when the state of your body is on the line, there is no such thing as being too cautious. Before taking any supplement, do some homework on its properties and contents. It really is that simple.


Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout  

Workout. Mystical thing said to happen every next Monday that you just can’t seem to get a glimpse of. Not to worry – in order to move regular workout from the realm of myths and legends into your own reality, you just need one special ingredient: motivation. This might not be The Book of Shadows, but keep on reading, and you’ll learn various ways you can motivate yourself.

Set a goal

Regardless of whether you call it a goal or a dream, you need to have something to aspire to. Create a clear image in your head of what you want to achieve with your workout routine. It’s important to imagine only yourself and not use someone else’s figure as an inspiration. Set a realistic objective with you as a star. Imagine yourself with few pounds less or fitter body that you can mould in one month and use that image as your guiding light. An achievable goal that you can look forward to every month or every two weeks is much more rewarding than immediately starting out with six-month goal strategy.

No stress

Apart from dealing with your own willpower in order to keep exercising, you probably have a lot more stress triggers in your daily life. Unfortunately, that’s life. So, if you want to get rid of all that accumulated stress, keep on moving those muscles. Once you get yourself to work out for at least a week, you’ll immediately notice that you feel calmer and happier. There’s science behind this statement and nothing works better than physical activity when it comes to stress-relief.

New possibilities

If you’re a fashionable soul (which we all are in our own unique way), this just might prove to be the best kind of motivational power you’ll ever get. Clothes! Once you start losing weight and shaping the body accordingly, you’ll be presented with the world of different possibilities fashion-wise. You’ll be able to wear garments you’ve always wanted and look fabulous in them. And don’t forget that box of stuff in the corner of your wardrobe, stored away for a time when you lose weight. Those garments need some loving, too, and you can make them wearable again.

The power of accomplishment

Most people nowadays forget about small accomplishments that make life worth living, and honestly, there are simply not that many big accomplishments available to pursue. Stop waiting for a great change or opportunity that would turn everything around at once, but focus on your own power to change something in baby steps. Once you build up your own seemingly small daily accomplishments by doing something good for yourself, such as exercising, you’ll definitely feel, and even get addicted to, this kind of mood and energy booster.

Great adjustability

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy sharing your own experiences with others who can understand what you’re going through? Then get yourself some sports equipment or bodybuilding apparel and hit the gym. The atmosphere there will definitely bring out the best of your willpower. On the other hand, you might feel more comfortable when you’re alone. Do you find your own home to be the safest and most relaxing place to be at? If that’s the case, play some fitness YouTube videos and forget about the world while you sweat those pounds away. What’s more, if you love nature, you can easily make the nearby park or forest trails your own place for working-out. Make sure to start your transformation while being surrounded with environment that feels the most adequate to you.

It’s essential to mention that you should only pay attention to your own ideas, needs and perception of beautiful. When you’re working out you’re doing it for yourself and not for somebody else. It’s for your own health and happiness, especially if you actually don’t feel satisfied with who you are when it comes to physical appearance. If you want to change something – change it, but do it the way it feels right for you.

Quitting Smoking through E-Cigarettes and Vaping



Anybody that has quit or tried to quit smoking before will tell you just how stressful, challenging and emotional it can be. Some people try going cold turkey, some use nicotine gum or patches, some attempt to cut back and others attempt hypnosis. These all appear to have mixed success, but in recent years there has been a new method which seems to be having extraordinary success. This is to switch to e-cigarettes, and it is now more common to see people “vaping” than it is sparking a regular cigarette.

The Difference

With e-cigarettes, instead of burning tobacco to inhale the nicotine (which creates deadly toxins), you are inhaling nicotine via a vaporised liquid. Consequently, there is no burning, ash or smoke and instead it is a “mist” which is created. This still provides the look and feel of smoking, with some devices also being designed to look like regular cigarettes. Consequently, vaping is a much healthier alternative and many are now using it as a stepping stone to stopping altogether.

A Tool for Quitting

One of the reasons as to why it is such an effective tool is the fact that with e-cigarettes you are able to adjust the amount of nicotine you are inhaling. Nicotine is the addictive substance, so gradually decreasing this amount will help smokers to eventually stop altogether.

Noticeable Benefits

Through switching to vaping, many quickly find their health improving. Most report that they feel more energised, cough less and their cardiovascular fitness improves rapidly. In addition to this, vaping does not produce the smoke smell which is notorious for bad breath and a stale smoke smell on hair, clothes and fingers. This also makes vaping more socially acceptable, with some places even allowing people to smoke e-cigarettes indoors.


To make the switch, you simply visit a supplier of e-cigarettes, with Vype being one reputable company. These places carry everything you need. The initial cost will be more than a pack of cigarettes, but in the long run, you could save a fortune. You can also buy all kinds of different types, from pen-shaped devices to ones that resemble a cigarette and also bulkier ones. You can also purchase flavoured liquids, accessories and more.

With so many benefits, all smokers should seriously consider switching to e-cigarettes. If you have struggled to quit, this could be the answer you are looking for as it provides a smoking experience which is much, much healthier.

What’s the right diet for you? Eating well for long-term health

We all know a healthy lifestyle is important. It can help us keep fit into old age and make us feel great in the present. But there are so many different ideas about what constitutes ‘healthy’ that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do to get started. Here are a few tips to help.

Ignore the lure of the fad diet

Short term “quick fix” diets can be very appealing. They feel like a swift, time-limited change we can make to affect our long-term health. Yet it often doesn’t work out this way. As many know, doing a quick fad diet can make you feel virtuous and healthy in the short-term, but often the extreme lifestyle just becomes too much and you end up bingeing on junk foods. This isn’t even surprising considering the austere nature of these regimes. From cabbage soup diets to month long juice cleanses, the average fad diet is enough to send anyone running to the nearest doughnut shop.

Assess your lifestyle

So, to live healthily and happily long term, we need to avoid the quick fixes and focus on small, incremental changes that we can sustain. To do this, it’s important to start with a proper appraisal of your lifestyle overall. How much do you eat and what kind of nutrients are you actually getting? How much exercise do you get? How much sleep?

Get a health check

If you’re over 45, you can go to your registered health centre for a comprehensive medical check-up, which will include things like calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI), measuring your blood sugar, and doing a cholesterol test. BMI is a useful indicator of whether your weight is appropriate for your height, while blood sugar tells you how much glucose is being carried around your system. Finally, a cholesterol test checks on how much of this fat-like substance can be found in your blood.

Depending on the results, a healthcare professional can then advise appropriate lifestyle changes to help you take care of yourself over the long term.

Make some changes

Once you’ve considered the results of your check-up, it is time to think about sustainable, long-term changes. At this stage, enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of us and we want to do everything at once, but it’s generally worth trying to prioritise tasks and focus on one area at a time.

For example, you could start by looking at the amount of fruit and veg in your diet. The NHS recommends getting at least five portions a day, but many of us don’t manage that. Trying to add in a few more carrots or peas here and there is a pretty simple first step, and one you can continue long term. Once you’ve mastered one healthy eating trick, your confidence will grow and you can do more and more.

Watch this space

Remember to keep track of your progress! If you did a medical check-up, your doctor or nurse will advise when to come back for another cholesterol test and so on. Using a chart to track your progress or keeping a diary of how you feel can really help to motivate you.

That said, good health and wellbeing is about more than just the numbers. Being healthy makes you feel great, so focus on that, look online for more hints or tips and keep your motivation strong!

Quantified Self – Fad or a Real Deal

The Definition

What is the “quantified self” movement and what does it represent?

It is a movement to incorporate modern technologies and apps into our daily lives. Wearable devices are used to measure our daily activities and apps such as activity trackers log our every move. It is believed that these apps that monitor our every step, snack or snooze, help us understand ourselves and our nature better. They even may benefit our health.

The Origins

According to some sources, the idea of using wearable computers for quantimetric self – tracking began in the 1970s. In 2002, it was proposed that quantimetric self-sensing should be used by wearable computers to sense and measure exercise and dietary intake. In 2007, the term “quantified self” was introduced in Wired Magazine, by its editors Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly, as “a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self – knowledge through self – tracking”. At the TED conference in 2010, Wolf spoke about the movement. The first international conference was held in Mountain View California, in May 2011. The general idea of the movement is to use products such as phones, tablets, computers, credit cards, and in doing so generate data. Using data generated this way may help people with medical issues, insomnia, eating disorder, diet, etc. Wolf and Kelly have also founded a company called Quantified Self Labs. Today it is a global community with over a hundred groups in 34 countries, with its largest groups in San Francisco and New York.

The Goals

The main issue of the Quantified Self movement is shifting one’s focus from conventional to unconventional knowledge. For example: when it comes to our health issues, we are used to consulting our doctors. However, with data gathered from our apps, we do not need to ask a doctor, we can consult the data. There are examples of numerous persons who have cured their disease simply by monitoring data. So, in short, Quantified Self represents a self – healing technique: self – knowledge through self – tracking. This is however not a new invention. Benjamin Franklin tracked 13 personal virtues to push himself to improve his morals. As members of the movement say, the only difference is in our access to modern technology. They claim we make decisions guided by imperfect and biased feelings.


It takes time to collect data and track everything that is needed. There are different segments of our lives that are supposed to be tracked: activity, sleep, mood, heartrate, blood pressure, weight etc. By collecting data and calculating them, we can enhance our abilities and our health. As a potential self – quantifier, one has to follow the methodology. To follow it you need to have different apps that gather the data. When you have collected all the data and you are aware of the potential issues, you can use cognitive enhancers like Lucid Smart Pill. Pills of this type are FDA approved and have no notable side-effects.


What to Expect From Laser Hair Removal


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Laser hair removal is becoming an increasingly more popular alternative to hair removal procedures such as waxing, shaving and epilating. Laser hair removal is a popular choice due to the fact that it is relatively pain-free and produces long-lasting results, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin which lasts for years or even forever. Since laser hair removal is a surgical and clinical procedure, it is vital to understand how best to prepare to undergo this procedure and what to expect from it in order to ensure that you get the best results.

Preparing for the Procedure

Making sure that you are fully prepared for the procedure is vital to making sure that the results are everything that you were hoping for. Before undergoing laser hair removal in Scottsdale and Phoenix, the clinic practitioner should give you a range of steps for preparation, which you should follow in order to make sure that your skin is fully ready for the procedure. You should also avoid exposure to the sun for around six weeks before laser hair removal. A tan can increase your risk of experiencing side effects, therefore it is important to wait until any tan has completely faded before having the procedure.

Hair Removal

It goes without saying that you should avoid hair removal methods such as plucking, epilating, electrolysis and waxing for at least six weeks before you undergo a laser hair removal procedure. These types of hair removal methods can affect the hair follicle, which can interfere with laser hair removal and cause undesirable side effects. However, shaving your hair before undergoing laser hair removal is actually recommended, as this preserves the hair shaft and follicle. Shaving before your laser hair removal procedure is important, so that the laser does not target hair which is above the skin and run the risk of burns.

What to Expect

During the procedure, the doctor will press a handheld laser instrument to your skin in the area where you want the hair removing. Depending on the type of laser used, there may be a cooling device attached to the top of the instrument, or a cooling gel which is applied to your skin in order to protect it. When the laser is activated, the beam will pass through your skin to the follicles where hair growth originates. The intense heat from the laser damages the hair follicles, inhibiting the growth of hair. You can expect to feel some discomfort during the procedure, but it is not painful.

After the Procedure

Taking care of your skin after the procedure is vital to getting good results. For the first few hours after laser hair removal, you may notice some redness or swelling. If you feel any discomfort, applying ice to the affected area can help to relieve this. After laser hair removal, you should avoid any exposure to the sun for a number of weeks. Be prepared for possible hair shedding during the first few days and weeks after the treatment.

Laser hair removal is an effective method, however, being prepared for it is important to your safety.

Fresh Summer Ways to Workout

Summer is literally just around the corner, so it’s time to start putting some extra effort into keeping fit. With the weather much milder and nights being lighter for longer, there are so many fun ways to keep fit outdoors, so you won’t need to spend your evenings cooped up inside a sweaty gym.

Here’s some fun new ideas to help you keep fit this summer:

Outdoor boot camp

outdoor bootcamp

There are so many boot camp activities to choose from throughout the country you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Whether that’s an outdoor circuit class, obstacle course, mud run or even a buggy run designed for new mums. There’s a variety of new outdoor classes being unveiled all the time, so the hard part is finding the right class for you.  If you take a long a few friends to your new work out of choice you’re sure to have double the fun and be more inclined to go again the following week.

Park run

park run

For those of you who want to get fit without spending a penny and need the motivation of a group, the Park Run is ideal. A national event held in a variety of parks across the country, the park run is a Saturday morning fun run for runners of all ability and free of charge. Visit the park run official website to find the nearest Park Run to you and head along on Saturday to see what it’s all about.



With skating and BMXing becoming even more popular than ever thanks to music videos, its cult status has rocketed. Skating and BMXing is a great way to keep fit with friends and gets you outside in the open. It can be done anywhere, as long as you have a skate board or bike and can be a great alternative activity with friends instead of going out for dinner or meeting for drinks.



Why not be a dare devil and take up climbing? The health benefits are proven to improve your muscle strength and with so many beginners’ classes and groups, it’s a sure way to make new friends whilst keeping fit. The novelty of it means you’ll not feel like you’re working out as you’ll be too busy concentrating on what to do next.

Take inspiration from these fun ways to work out and you’ll improve your fitness levels, self-esteem and health in no time.


Collaboration Post

Surprising Suspects: 3 Everyday Items That Can Cause Hormonal Imbalance

Collaboration with Genemedics

While you may be aware that hormonal imbalances are usually a result of old age, malfunctioning body organs, or certain diseases, they could also be caused by the things that you surround yourself with in your daily life. That said, read on to learn more about the otherwise inconspicuous items lurking around in your home:

Suspect No. 1: Your Make-Up Kit (and Other Toiletries)

Take a good look at the ingredients list on the back of your favorite brand of eyeshadow palette or powder compact the next time you shop for cosmetics. Unfortunately, a great number of make-up items contain chemicals called parabens and phthalates, both of which can wreak havoc on your hormones, especially if you come into contact with them too much. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that increased exposure to items containing phthalates causes the body’s production of thyroid hormones to drop significantly. To make things worse, phthalates and parabens have also been associated with incidences of diabetes, cancer, and obesity, to name a few.

If you are confused by all of the chemical names on the packaging and are not sure what you should look out for, here is a quick list of the usual offenders:

  • formaldehyde
  • imidazolidinyl urea
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • methylisothiazolinone
  • methylparabens
  • paraffin
  • phthalates
  • propyl parabens
  • propylene glycol
  • sodium lauryl sulphate

Suspect No. 2: Your Artificial Sweetener

Though there are some diet experts that tout artificial sweeteners as the ultimate answer to weight loss and a complete replacement for natural sugar, it is not as simple as they may try to make think. In fact, there are many professionals in the medical field who believe that sweeteners may actually do more harm than good. For one thing, certain studies have shown that these sweeteners can actually cause people to start craving food more often. At the same time, it causes people to also gain larger amounts of weight than if they were to consume regular sugar instead. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio found that research participants who drank diet soda ended up with their waistlines growing by about 70 percent more than those who did not drink any soda at all.

Suspect No. 3: Your Medication

There can be all sorts of reasons for one to need medication, whether physical, mental, or emotional. However, while they may treat the specific condition they were originally used for, they might cause a slew of undesirable, harmful symptoms. Some of the more common types of medications that can cause all sorts of imbalances in your body’s hormone production include birth control pills, antidepressants, and antibiotics, to name a few.

Before you get the urge to throw everything you own out the window, take heart in the fact that it is never too late to stop using the products that have been linked to hormone-related symptoms. Start switching to healthier options, and think of the extra money spent as an investment in your future health.

Benefits Of Finding The Best Chin Up Bar

If home fitness is something you are interested in and you want to improve your muscle size and strength, you will probably be looking at the most cost effective and streamline ways to do this – particularly if you have very little space to spare. It may be that finding the best chin up bar could be just what you need to help you achieve the body you really want. If you are not completely sold on the idea just yet or just don’t know enough, then the following post is for you as we look at the main benefits of chin ups and chin up bars.


Pull ups are one of the easiest and most convenient forms of exercise you can do. This is largely because you only need your own body and a bar. It doesn’t even need to be a particularly elaborate set-up as you can just have a metal bar across your door frame and you are good to go.

Fundamental Compound Exercise For The Upper Body

Compound exercises are essential to a good work out because they help to trigger growth hormone release and target a number of muscle groups simultaneously. To give you a good idea of what we are talking about – squats are an example of an effective lower body compound exercise. Chin ups therefore, are like the squats for the upper body. No other type of exercise exists that can make your upper body grow in quite the same way as chin ups and pull ups.

Easy To Up The Intensity

Once you have be doing a particular type of exercise for a while at the same level, it becomes a lot easier and in order to build your muscles effectively you need to increase the intensity to make it much harder. With some exercises you need special equipment, but not with chin ups and pull ups. You can simply increase the intensity by securing a weight plate to your waist or by hanging a kettle bell or dumbbell from your feet.


One of the biggest draws towards chin ups for a lot of people is that there are many forms of the exercise that can be achieved simply by changing the way you grip the bar. Echoing the sentiments for how easy it is to increase the intensity, it is similar when you want to mix things up and stop your work out from becoming dull. As well as keeping you motivated and interested, different grips mean different muscles are especially targeted, which is vital if you are trying to sculpt a better body shape.

Great For Improving Grip Strength

Unless you are a professional or amateur athlete, you may not think that grip strength is particularly important. Though body builders, weight lifters and anyone who uses their hands as part of their sport will be keen to have as strong a grip as they can, it shouldn’t stop a non-competitive sports person for aiming for the same. It could help you in really normal, day to day ways too.